What We Treat

Back & Neck Pain

Back and neck conditions are the most common issues we treat and one of our fields of expertise.

There are many reasons for people to develop back and neck pain and so it is key we assess you and your problem to devise an individualised treatment plan to help you.

At Wahroonga Physiotherapy our highly experienced physios will apply the latest research and hands-on treatment to ensure you have the best possible outcome.  You don’t have to let back and neck pain limits your sporting activities or quality of life.  It may be as simple as looking at your posture and work set up or assessing your pelvis and body bio-mechanics, but at Wahroonga Physiotherapy we will make sure we get to the root cause of your problem and pain. 

Shoulder & Arm Pain

Shoulders are one of the most mobile joints in our body.  We need good shoulder strength and flexibility to allow pain-free daily life but it is even more crucial if your chosen sport involves repetitive arm movements needed for throwing a cricket or water polo ball or the sustained strength needed for gymnastic parallel bars.

However, due to our shoulders’ flexibility, they can develop pain and wear and tear injuries, without direct trauma.  At Wahroonga Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic, we can assist you with all your shoulder screening as well as complete treatment programs for upper limb sports such as tennis, swimming, water-polo, throwing sports such as cricket and baseball, golf and gymnastics.

Our physiotherapists have the specialised knowledge and skills to assess all your shoulder injuries, whether they be post-operative, wear and tear or from a fall or trauma.

Hip & Knee

The hip and knees are major load-bearing joints in our body, designed for repetitive loading.  However, when we have pain in these joints, it can make daily activities very difficult and unpleasant.

Hips are ball and socket joint surrounded by very large muscles connecting our legs to our pelvis and back.

Some hip pain can be caused by arthritis and research shows that physiotherapy can be a very effective treatment before surgery.  However, a very common pain over the outer aspect of hips (especially common in woman) with walking, stairs and sleeping, can also be successfully treated by our physio’s at Wahroonga Physiotherapy. 

Often assessing pelvis and leg length combined with hands-on therapy and specific exercises has shown to be more effective than rest or steroid injections.

The knee is a hinge joint consisting of ligaments inside and around the knee that give strength and stability, and meniscus between the bones which act as extra padding.

On top of the joint is the knee cap, called the patella, which is embedded in the quadriceps muscle.

Knee pain can come from wear and tear or trauma and more research is telling us physiotherapy treatment and exercises designed by your physio, are often a more successful treatment option for both acute trauma and arthritic knees compared to surgery.

 If you do require surgery, post-surgery physiotherapy is a very important part of your rehabilitation to ensure your knee is strong and resilient into the future.

The good news is whether you are young or elderly, a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, the physio’s at Wahroonga Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic can help you with your pain or with strengthening your knee.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are too common a bi-product of playing sport.  Early, effective treatment is the key to not only, an early return to sport, but also reducing your risk of future problems.

Often people hope to simply rest and the problem will “fix” itself, however when they return to sport, so does their pain.

Your treatment at Wahroonga Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic will involve diagnosis of the cause of your injury, hands-on treatment and exercises to help your recovery and future injury prevention.

Our particular areas of interest are:

  • Cricket,
  • All football codes,
  • Water-polo,
  • Athletics,
  • Cycling,
  • Dance.

Sprains, Strains and Overuse Injuries

Sprains and strains to our muscles and ligaments are unfortunately a common occurrence in both sport and everyday life.  If our muscles are weak or not working properly because of poor biomechanics, they can over-work leading to sprains and strains or overuse injuries of either the muscle or supporting ligament.  This can cause pain, poor function or reduced sporting performance.

At Wahroonga Physiotherapy, we are experts in identifying the underlying cause of your sprain.  Relieving your pain and providing you with exercises and taping our physios will get you back to your activities as quickly as possible and keep you pain-free in the future.

Foot and Ankle

We need good foot and ankle movement for all standing, walking and running activities, as our foot and ankle provide the solid base on which our body moves across the ground.  Because of this, it is essential to have good quality rehabilitation after sprained or fractured ankles and feet.

At Wahroonga Physio & Sports Injury Clinic, we will use a combination of hands-on treatments, taping and exercises to get you back on your feet and moving pain-free.


The Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) or jaw is a complex joint system that enables us to speak, chew, yawn and perform many other necessary functions.  Your jaw is closely related to your neck, inner ear, teeth and base of the skull.

People with TMJ problems often report jaw pain or pain with chewing, clicking, or difficulty opening or closing their mouth.

At Wahroonga Physiotherapy, we have TMJ trained physiotherapists, who can assess and treat your TMJ pain.

Physiotherapy treatment is very effective in relieving and managing TMJ and may involve posture improvement and neck treatment, Relaxation and strengthening exercises, massage, dry needling or acupuncture.